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1.Access from JR Kumamoto station (you can use your JR Rail Pass to get to Kumamoto Station).  At the station, take the bus bound for Hondo which is central town in Amakusa.The bus runs about every 45min. The bus ticket is 2240 yen.After you get off the bust at Hondo bus center, you need to get the bus to Shimoda onsen which is the bus stop nearby our hostel. There are two buses departure at 15:40 or 17:00 on weekday. Only cash is accepted and you must have exact change. Please let us know if you need a pick up from Shimoda (only 10 minutes away from our guesthouse).


2. Access from JR Nagasaki station
Take the bus bound for Mogi ferry port (it takes about 35 minutes), and take the ferry bound for Tomioka ferry port (it takes about 45minutes).We can give you a ride of ferry schedule 14:45 or 17:00. If you would like to take the ferry 8:10 or 10:20, please take the bus from Tomioka port to Hondo bus center and then transfer to Shimoda onsen.

Ferry time schedule:Depature time at Mogi  8:10, 10:20, 14:45, 17:00

3. Other options: Oniike ferry terminal,Ushibuka ferry terminal,Hondo ferry terminal,Hondo bus center,Amakusa airport . If you are interested in using one of those options, please let us know. We can pick you up there, but, because of their distance from our guesthouse we will charge an additional fuel fee of 500 yen for the Tomioka ferry terminal and 1000 yen for the others. Thank you for your understanding.

Amakusa west Coast Holiday Park



3809-1 Shimodaminami,Amakusa machi,Amakusa, Kumamoto,


Tel: 0969-42-3911

Check in time is from 15:00-21:00

If you don't show without any contact, we will cancel your booking.

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